Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Update from Uganda

Here is an update from the team in Jinja, Uganda. Keep those prayers going!!

Just a brief update on our team.....
Today was another exceptional day in Uganda! Our two rally teams (a mixture of Americans and Ugandans) performed at 15+ schools in the past two days. The teams consist of a puppet and drama team, HIV/AIDS presentation and then a gospel presentation. So far we have seen over 700 students ask Jesus to be their Lord and Savior! Several thousand people have been attending the nightly crusade since Sunday and well over 300 salvation decisions have been recorded.
Our dentists have seen 300 patients in 2 1/2 days and our medical doctors over 400. We left the clinic today with about 150 dental patients and 300 medical patients to be seen. Unfortunately it was our last day in this town (Myunge) because we must move on to another location. It was difficult to announce to those who had waited for so long that we could not treat them. We could stay here for a month, in this one village, and never see everyone. It's so hard to leave them. Tomorrow we move closer to town after caring or the pastors who have been attending the pastor's conference.
We have had many exciting things happen already and we cannot wait to share with you all when we return home! Please continue to lift us up as we meet the physical and spiritual needs of the men, women and children of Uganda! We love you all and covet your faithfulness to pray!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello Again....

After a very long haitus from the blogging world - I am back. There are many reasons for not writing, but probably the most important would have to be the tone and words of some of the comments that were made concerning my posts. Those were not published for any of you to have to read. Soooo, I am back and ready to catch up with my online friends. If the comments begin again - I will have to make some changes to the way that I post.
Life has been crazy as usual, but it has taken on an even crazier pace for us in the past week. David leaves on Thursday morning for Africa. This time a week in Jinja, Uganda and then he travels with three other men to Siaya, Kenya. This is really a dream come true and answer to many, many prayers. Our friends and "family" in Siaya are going to get "CLEAN WATER" !!!!
More about all of that later...so check back.
Kelly has completed a year of living on her own and going to school in Charleston. Kaiti has completed her Masters in Teaching, and has decided to stay at home and be with Collin next year. Robert is already gearing up to deploy again in January. This time he will fly off of an aircraft carrier. David is busier than ever with his job, and his passion for the people of Kenya and Uganda. I have cut way back on my real job and now spend too much time doing David's office work. I have also taken on two incredible 8 year-olds who were struggling with home-schooling after the sudden death of their Daddy. I have been working with them on a full-time basis from January up until Apri. Now, I am there as support several times each week. What a blessing this has been!!!
Collin is growing up right in front of us - literally. We are able to skype with him almost daily. What an absolute joy he is!!!!