Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday, Monday, Monday

Monday Meme 41 : 2006-04-02 : Spring Forward

1. List 3 things you like about spring:


the new green of spring

the feeling in my spirit of new life, and the RESUREECTION!!! It is really what it's all about!

2. List 3 things you hate about spring:




3. Do you set your clocks forward in the spring? Do you think it is a good idea?

Yes - it is a great idea, unless you are a classroom teacher dealing with students that get totally thrown off the change.

4. Do you have allergies in the spring? Do you take any allergies medications?

Yes - see #2!! Yes, Yes, Yes!!

5. What are you looking forward to the most this spring?

I have been counting the days since January 1st for a trip to Edisto Island in June with my closest friends, who are truly my kindred spirits.

I was the 5,517th person to take this week's Monday Meme!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ordinary Life

"In ordinary life we hardly realize
that we receive a great deal more than we give,
and that it is only with gratitude
that life becomes rich."
--Dietrich Bonhoeffer
It is one of those extraordinary days in my ordinary life. It is a beautiful, hot, sunny day in south Florida. What makes this such an extraordinary day?? THE POLLEN IS ALMOST GONE!! What else do I need to say - I can get outside!!
Sooo, we have spent this extraordinary day cleaning the patio and pool, and potting beautiful flowering plants everywhere, and hanging others! I love this time of year - it is so different here. In the LowCountry of SC, there was always a dramatic move into spring - overnight the color green - bright spring green was everywhere.
Here we just sort of slide from one season to another - marking it more by a date on the calendar than a change in our world. Miss that...then, this evening there is a reunion of sorts - sweet, dear, Christian kindred spirits - friends that we have been in ministry and missions with - that have moved away in the past year to Texas and SC are going to be in town. We are all so excited to be together again, even tho it is for a short time.
When Christ is the very center of friendships like these, there is no real distance with time or space, but the "missing" is still there. So we gather this evening and share laughter, tears and wonderful times together...Thank you God for allowing us this very special time together! Ordinary, NO - extraordinary, YES!! Grateful - YES!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

And This is What They Said...


HILLARY: 'Erosion of our constitutional rights'...
GIULIANI: 'I agree with it'...
OBAMA: 'I strongly disagree'...
ROMNEY: 'A step forward'...
I'm very happy...

EDWARDS: 'I could not disagree
more strongly'...

BUSH: “The Supreme Court’s decision is an affirmation of the
progress we have made over the past six years in protecting human dignity and upholding the sanctity of life. We will continue to work for the day when every child is welcomed in life and protected in law.”

It's the Little Things...

Sometimes it is JUST the little things in a day that make it absolutely wonderful - I just finished folding a load of clothes - all of the socks matched - none left over!!! Has that EVER happened before today - I think not!! God is even in the little things...


because in the wake of this horror, it is their names that we should remember. their faces we should honor. their lives we should never forget.
we are all virginia tech.
"today, we are all hokies."

virginia tech memorial 4-17-07

Hearts Break

Our hearts break as we now see the faces of those killed at VT. It is so difficult to believe that this can happen on a college campus. All we can do is pray for the families of those who are gone, and pray for those who were injured. So pray and honor the memory of the teachers and students who lost their lives so prematurely...